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Disnoids - We have annual passes and we're not afr's Journal
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Sunday, March 2nd, 2008
9:24 pm
These boots were made for walkin'
Despite the funny story I have about a conversation with some strangers about the lack of service by the Lion King tram for the Simba lot... Simba being the goddamn Lion King himself you see... I really hate taking the tram.

It's just a huge hassle, I'd rather put off getting into the first line of the day off as long as possible thank you.

I recently went with some friends who insisted we take the tram and we ended up getting separated. And then the guy who got left behind gave us all kinds of crap once were reunited with him again. I love this guy like the brother I never really wanted, but I had no sympathy for him. He was the one who wanted to take the tram, and it's not my fault that he decided to leave his cell phone in the car, or that he decided to be polite and not cut off the lady with a stroller to be on the same tram as myself and his wife. :) Silly man.

We met up with him on the other end with no trouble, but the potential for disaster was high and amusing. The fact that the two of us looked at him from our seats on the tram and shrugged as if we were powerless to, oh, say, get off the tram and wait with him for the next one wasn't not funny either.

As I mentioned in the previous post about the free pedometer for Disneyland AP holders, when I go to the park, I'm there to walk. And you just have to expect to walk when you go to the park so you may as well get a head start.

I remember once I heard a kid in the parking lot asking her Mom to carry her. The kid had to be... Well, I don't know how old, but she wasn't a toddler. She was not yet, but seemed dangerously close to being, a tween and obviously too old and too big to be carried around by her Mom. Her Mother said as much and the girl said, "But I'm tired, I don't want to walk." The Mother said, "Well then we're in the wrong place and we're going home... Hmmm?" The child responded with silence.

It's parenting like that gives me hope for the future.

So if I don't like the tram, how do I get from Mickey & Friends to the park? I walk, duh. And according to Disneyland Backstage Pass Magazine, Mickey & Friends Parking Structure to Disneyland Park Main Entrance = 3,770 feet or 1500 steps.

So here's how you do it.Collapse )

If you parked in Timone you can also walk to the entrance plaza. Basically, go to the inaptly named "Lion King Tram" station in Timone, turn right and follow the path and the signs. If you park in Pumba... Well, just rest your head on the dashboard and cry you poor poor bastard.

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12:46 pm
Steppin' Out
This is pretty cool. If you're a Disneyland AP holder, you can get a free pedometer from Saint Joseph's Hospital. (I should mention that I discovered the link on disneyland_news)

Now I don't know about you all. But one of the reasons I HAVE an AP is that the park is an interesting place to get out and walk around. So while I no longer wear my lanyard with it's many pins because it's too damn heavy, I DO still go to the park to walk.

One thing that I always tell people is that climbing the Swiss Family Robinson Tarzan Tree House is a good cardio workout.

I'm not kidding people. When was the last time you tried it?

One day I was at the park and I was on my second trip up the tree house stairs. I heard the stomp stomp stomp of a kid coming up behind me so I moved aside and let him pass. It was a little boy about... hmmm, maybe ten.

He zoomed by and I continued plodding my way up, slow and steady.

When I got to the top, I found the kid standing on the landing holding onto the rail, leaning forward a bit with his hand on his side and breathing heavily.

As I came up the stairs to the landing he looked over and said to me,

"... That's... a lot of stairs."

"Yes." I nodded. "Yes it is."

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Wednesday, February 13th, 2008
2:08 pm
Pass holes!
Normally I'm in awe of the Disney corporation but that doesn't mean they don't occasionally do something that makes me wonder if managers aren't occasionally eaten and then secretly replaced by zombies.

For instance.

Around town here and elsewhere, there are gift cards you can buy at the supermarket that are good for an annual pass at the Anaheim Resort. I think this is brilliant myself, and making the (monetary) resort gift cards collectible is just totally genius quite frankly.

So while we were at the park my friend tells me that he wants to get passes for his parents and that he wants to get gift certificates so that they won't loose any of the time allotted to them. And I mention that I've seen annual pass gift cards at Albersons, Target other places so it shouldn't be a problem. Right?


We go into a shop in DCA and the lady tells us the gift cards she has are only good for merchandise and food. She doesn't know of annual pass gift certificates being available anywhere around the resort and suggests we check with guest services. We decide that we'd rather go on the wine ride and look into the matter later.

The next day, I'm walking through a mall in Orange County and I see a temporary booth that's selling the annual pass gift certificates. Which I think is odd, because you can get them at any location where they sell cheesy gift certificates, calling cards, and "loadable" credit cards. So I stop and I ask them about it.

Firstly, they were special because you also got a lovely "holiday tin" for the gift card to go in. They were also both wearing resort nametags and printed receipts on the same square cards that you get from parking or buying tickets at the resort.

They said that the AP gift cards were not available anywhere at the resort itself.


So yeah, if you want to get Disneyland annual passes as a gift, whatever you do, don't go to Disneyland.

EDIT: I called my friend and he got the passes with tins from the booth and when his parents got them for Christmas... They cried. All together now... "Awwwwwwww!" God bless us every one! :)

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Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008
1:44 pm
This is the risk you take when you order something online.

I hope they have a good return policy.

Considering the history of this thing, being the first daily operating system in the WESTERN HEMISPHERE, I should think the particulars of the specs would be well known in the monorail industry.

In an industry I don't think is very large, with a client that famous and visible... How do you get that wrong?
Saturday, December 29th, 2007
4:35 pm
Cryogenically Frozen T-Shirts
Over at the appropriately named The Disney Blog, they point us over to Cryogenically Frozen. A Cafe Press shop with t-shirts "inspired by" the um... "culture" of working and playing at Disneyland.

My personal favorite is the "Real Men Shoot Hippos" shirt.

Definitely need moar moneez.

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Sunday, December 23rd, 2007
11:19 am
Iron Horse , Purple Ant
Disclaimer: Cutesy icons aside. I do NOT condone the idea of getting stupid drunk anywhere, least of all at the resort. I was going to lead into this with an explanation about how I really don't drink that much. And it's true, but you probably don't care or wouldn't believe me so let's just agree to "enjoy responsibly" and move forward.

I'm no expert, but one of the things I do enjoy is champagne sparkling wine. A week ago I went with a friend to the park and we met with some other people we know at the wine ride bar in DCA after having some lunch. We ended up spending about 6 hours just sitting, talking, and people watching. Between the four of us, we went through two bottles of Iron Horse Fairy Tale Cuvée. As you might be able to guess from the name, it's made exclusively by Iron Horse for the Disney cruse line and parks, it's not available anywhere else.

We were gossiping and snarking about something unrelated to teh mous when we noticed Princess Atta wandering around the entrance to the Mission Tortilla building. We suspected that her "handler" had gotten hungry and ditched her to get some fresh free tortillas, because she seemed to be looking for someone and was alone. This somewhat conserned us because it's amazing the stuff that can happen to a big-head character without a yellow vested collage student in a Santa hat to protect them.

We kept an eye on her as she walked down and into the crowd without anybody with her. I'd like to think that, in the spirit of community, we watched this because we were ready to leap to her aid should anything untoward occur. But that might be a bit optimistic, possibly we might have been hoping for a little schadenfreude. Maybe some of both.

She waved at little kids when they pointed at her and took some pictures with some families. Then a small group of teens came walking along, one of the kids (a boy in a plain black t-shirt with a surprisingly un-emo haircut) stopped and stared at Atta.

Atta waved at him.

He screamed in alarm and threw his hands in the air. Running away, or rather jogging, he began to yell,


You really have to respect a kid who knows his history.

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8:44 am
Grand opening! ... And this time we mean it!
Okay, so I created this comm a while ago and I don't even know why. It's not like the world needs another Disney blog.

I'm starting completely fresh here, I've removed the TWO posts that went up on this comm under a different journal... Which is probably a breach of some kind of etiquette, but oh well.

There are five... Three. Three things you need to know as we begin our journey together.

1. This comm is for grown-up people. (Hopefully, more or less, "mature" but who am I kidding really?) Even when I'm telling you that something Disney related is good for children, I will be probably doing it in a way that isn't appropriate for children.
2. No, I don't now, nor have I ever, worked for The Mouse.
3. No, My name is not "Pippi", but yes, you can call me that.

So, yeah. Woo!

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