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Disclaimer: Cutesy icons aside. I do NOT condone the idea of getting stupid drunk anywhere, least of all at the resort. I was going to lead into this with an explanation about how I really don't drink that much. And it's true, but you probably don't care or wouldn't believe me so let's just agree to "enjoy responsibly" and move forward.

I'm no expert, but one of the things I do enjoy is champagne sparkling wine. A week ago I went with a friend to the park and we met with some other people we know at the wine ride bar in DCA after having some lunch. We ended up spending about 6 hours just sitting, talking, and people watching. Between the four of us, we went through two bottles of Iron Horse Fairy Tale Cuvée. As you might be able to guess from the name, it's made exclusively by Iron Horse for the Disney cruse line and parks, it's not available anywhere else.

We were gossiping and snarking about something unrelated to teh mous when we noticed Princess Atta wandering around the entrance to the Mission Tortilla building. We suspected that her "handler" had gotten hungry and ditched her to get some fresh free tortillas, because she seemed to be looking for someone and was alone. This somewhat conserned us because it's amazing the stuff that can happen to a big-head character without a yellow vested collage student in a Santa hat to protect them.

We kept an eye on her as she walked down and into the crowd without anybody with her. I'd like to think that, in the spirit of community, we watched this because we were ready to leap to her aid should anything untoward occur. But that might be a bit optimistic, possibly we might have been hoping for a little schadenfreude. Maybe some of both.

She waved at little kids when they pointed at her and took some pictures with some families. Then a small group of teens came walking along, one of the kids (a boy in a plain black t-shirt with a surprisingly un-emo haircut) stopped and stared at Atta.

Atta waved at him.

He screamed in alarm and threw his hands in the air. Running away, or rather jogging, he began to yell,


You really have to respect a kid who knows his history.
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