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These boots were made for walkin'

Despite the funny story I have about a conversation with some strangers about the lack of service by the Lion King tram for the Simba lot... Simba being the goddamn Lion King himself you see... I really hate taking the tram.

It's just a huge hassle, I'd rather put off getting into the first line of the day off as long as possible thank you.

I recently went with some friends who insisted we take the tram and we ended up getting separated. And then the guy who got left behind gave us all kinds of crap once were reunited with him again. I love this guy like the brother I never really wanted, but I had no sympathy for him. He was the one who wanted to take the tram, and it's not my fault that he decided to leave his cell phone in the car, or that he decided to be polite and not cut off the lady with a stroller to be on the same tram as myself and his wife. :) Silly man.

We met up with him on the other end with no trouble, but the potential for disaster was high and amusing. The fact that the two of us looked at him from our seats on the tram and shrugged as if we were powerless to, oh, say, get off the tram and wait with him for the next one wasn't not funny either.

As I mentioned in the previous post about the free pedometer for Disneyland AP holders, when I go to the park, I'm there to walk. And you just have to expect to walk when you go to the park so you may as well get a head start.

I remember once I heard a kid in the parking lot asking her Mom to carry her. The kid had to be... Well, I don't know how old, but she wasn't a toddler. She was not yet, but seemed dangerously close to being, a tween and obviously too old and too big to be carried around by her Mom. Her Mother said as much and the girl said, "But I'm tired, I don't want to walk." The Mother said, "Well then we're in the wrong place and we're going home... Hmmm?" The child responded with silence.

It's parenting like that gives me hope for the future.

So if I don't like the tram, how do I get from Mickey & Friends to the park? I walk, duh. And according to Disneyland Backstage Pass Magazine, Mickey & Friends Parking Structure to Disneyland Park Main Entrance = 3,770 feet or 1500 steps.

So here's how you do it... If your back is to the Mickey and Friends escalators, the tram loading area is on your left and Pinocchio lot is on your right. Cross at the cross walk into Pinocchio where they have the spare trams parked.

As soon as you're past the fence turn left and you'll see an opening ahead that lets you out on Magic Way. Once your on the sidewalk on Magic Way turn left again and you'll be facing S. Disneyland Dr.

Walk over to the crosswalk at the intersection of Magic Way and S. Disneyland Dr. and cross it. (When the light tells you to of course. Don't be stupid, die and then blame me. I'll just laugh at your ghost and then throw rock salt.)

Once you're on the other side of S. Disneyland Dr. turn right and you'll again have your back to Mickey & Friends Parking.

Walk down the road.

Keep your eyes open, there's a sign that shows you where to turn in for the pedestrian path. But for some reason, it's easy to miss. I often stop and direct lost tourists who have gone too far and turned back and missed it again. I missed it myself the first time I walked, and I was actively looking for it. So don't feel bad if you miss it.

If you hit Downtown Dr you've gone too far, but at that point you can just turn left into DD and you've just added some extra steps to your pedometer.

If you don't go too far you'll be walking along a sidewalk that follows the tram road and cuts under the Monorail rail. You'll pass the side of the House of Blues and the backs of shops and restaurants.

There are two paths that lead to low gates into Downtown Disney. I always take the second one because it takes you to the place in DD where there's bathrooms, water fountains, and ATMs. It's also the gate closest to the DD tram station, but you can walk all the way down to the tram station on the foot path and enter DD from there.

There are little leaf shaped signs to help you find your way.

When I'm leaving for the day, I just walk past the DD tram station and go out the same gate by the ATMs and Bathrooms and head back the way I came. Crossing at Magic Way and cutting through Pinocchio to get back to where I parked.

Now the sign on the gates at DD says Cast Members only, but I've never seen anybody stop myself or other people who are obviously not cast members.

I hope that's not too confusing.

If you parked in Timone you can also walk to the entrance plaza. Basically, go to the inaptly named "Lion King Tram" station in Timone, turn right and follow the path and the signs. If you park in Pumba... Well, just rest your head on the dashboard and cry you poor poor bastard.
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